Over 350 Species of choice and unusual plants for rock and alpine gardens.

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Welcome to Our 25th Year – 2012!

General Information

 Laporte Avenue Nursery is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, between the foothills that guard our majestic Rocky Mountains to the west and the high plains to the east. At an altitude of 5,000 feet our weather is usually sunny and dry with infrequent periods of high winds and precipitation. Winter temperatures can drop to –20F, and summer temperatures can rise to 100F. When our weather changes it usually happens very quickly. According to Hortus Third we are in zone 5 (–20F to –10F). Most of our plants are hardy from zones 4-9, but we believe plants respond as much to the moisture content of the soil, wind and the intensity of the winter sun as to temperature. We heartily endorse finding out as much as possible about the conditions that prevail where a particular plant grows in the wild.


 We take pride in providing a choice and unusual plant selection of hardy species which are unavailable in most parts of the country. We grow over 350 species of plants, including some new to cultivation but well adapted to the rock garden situation. We are open to the public by appointment only.

Shipping Information

 Plants are shipped via United Parcel Service when they are mostly dormant, depending on the species and the weather. Spring shipping season is March through April. Requests for other shipment dates can be arranged if plant and weather conditions allow. Fall shipments are in September. The best time for us the ship in the past has been mid-March through April. Shipments are sent on Monday so your orders arrive by Saturday of that week. Because we have experienced unpredictable delays in ground service to eastern states we strongly recommend that you request 2nd or 3rd day Air if you live in that area. Healthy plants are shipped fully established in 2 1/2” pots (unless noted), carefully watered and packed tightly with recyclable Styrofoam peanuts to insure their safe arrival. Our growing mix is one third sand, which produces a superior root system but regrettably accounts for our higher shipping cost. Please specify whether ground or air service is preferred and add the appropriate amount to the order form. Shipping prices are based on percentage of sale, with a minimum charge of $15.00 (see order form). Please note that UPS cannot deliver to a PO Box. The minimum plant order is $35.00, not including shipping. A desired ship date is requested on the order form. If you do not fill this in we will assign one to you (usually mid to late April). Due to time constraints, order confirmation notes will be sent upon request only, so please be aware of your shipping date and advise us of any changes.

Planting Information

 It is important that the plants are unpacked, watered and planted with some thought given to protect them from wind and sunlight extremes until established. Before planting, try to remove some of the soil media around roots (shake and tease), being careful not to damage the roots. By doing this you will prevent an interface problem from developing between our growing mix and your garden soil. A well-drained soil and deep root runs created by partially buried rocks are essential when growing alpine plants.

Plant Availability

 Plant availability is dependent on many things, and some plant quantities are very limited. We set aside plants on a ‘first ordered first pulled’ basis. An early ship date does not necessarily guarantee availability but will eliminate chances of damage caused by temperature extremes at the nursery while being held. Keep in mind that small dormant plants arrive in much better condition than tall full-size plants and can be held in a cold greenhouse or bright protected area near the house until they can be safely planted outside. Please note whether or not substitutions are acceptable and list any alternatives. Bonus plants will be sent only if substitutes are listed. Tip: bonus plants are often chosen from your substitute plant list if possible!


 Our friends and customers are the heart and soul of our business and we sincerely

 wish to thank those who have ordered from us in the past. It is such a privilege to

 go to work everyday doing what we love, and that would be impossible without the

 encouragement and support of all of you. We would also like to extend our

 appreciation to the knowledgeable perennial managers at retail nurseries who share

 our passion and enthusiasm for rare and unusual alpine and rock garden plants.

  • Gift Certificates
  • The perfect gardening gift for any occasion! We can mail the certificate with a personal message from you along with our most recent catalog or send it directly to you to

present yourself.

Plant Codes

 The following codes are provided to help determine proper growing conditions:

 S Full sun                   W   Woodland garden plant

  • P  Partial shade or half day sun  T Excellent trough plant
  • N  North exposure    F Fragrant blooms
  • A  Avoid winter wet   X Good for dry areas
  • C  Native to Colorado   LSO  Lauren Springer Ogden Favorites

 Sizes are estimated height and width at maturity. Ultimate size is governed by many

 factors especially growing conditions. Happy spreaders will exceed these estimates.



Achnatherum calamagrostis, silver spear grass—large blond persistent flowers and seedheads, long-lived, one of the showiest well-behaved mid-sized ornamental grasses, deer proof

Aquilegia fragrans, A. karelinii, A. nigricans—three unusual columbines, the first is scented, the second a pretty wine color, the last a dark midnight purple

Asarina procumbens, snapdragon vine—this low-growing dry-shade lover has handsome pale green foliage and creamy snapdragon flowers, great as a groundcover or flowing over rocks and slopes.

Aster coloradoensis—lovely western native, a small mat-forming perennial with gray-green leaves, showy pink daisies, great in xeric gardens and rock gardens, blooms earlier than most asters

Aster  (Symphyotrichyum) oblongifolius, aromatic aster—superb Great Plains native, best all-around fall aster, handsome form and foliage, showy purple or pink daisies, leaves smell when crushed, deer-proof

Dianthus arvernensis white form—one of our prettiest dwarf pinks, with tight cushions of blue-green foliage that are covered in pure white flowers in late spring and early summer

Digitalis lutea, straw foxglove—most perennial of the foxgloves, great in full sun or dry shade, long-blooming spikes of pale yellow flowers, rich green foliage, deer proof. 4” available.

Dwarf Bearded Irises in various colors—xeric and easy like the big guys but much cuter and smaller  (6-8” tall), bloom a month earlier when the garden still needs all the color it can get.  4” available.

Eryngium yuccifolium, rattlesnake master—rare blue-leafed form of this long-lived prairie native, with architectural yucca-like foliage, creamy bristly flower clusters on tall sturdy stems late summer to frost. 

Euphorbia clavarioides—this fascinating succulent forms hard evergreen hummocks and is ideal for the sunny, warm, dry garden or as a container accent. Small yellow flowers cover the plant in early spring.

Geranium dalmaticum, Dalmatian cranesbill—sugar-pink flowers cover this compact cranesbill in early summer and the pretty, fresh green foliage turns bright red in autumn. Takes sun or light shade.

Gladiolus palustris—this dainty but hardy perennial glad looks wonderful poking out between mid-sized perennials or intermingled in a meadow or steppe planting, with graceful wands of rosy flowers

Hemerocallis `Golden Sprouts’--compact early daylily with golden flowers, blooms  a month before any of the common daylily hybrids do, in late spring/early summer, and stays about half the size.

Hemerocallis multiflora—the latest-blooming daylily, this elegant plant sends up 4-5’ stems with dozens of starry yellow flowers in late summer and fall over a long period

Hyssopus angustifolia—this hardy aromatic hyssop forms compact shrubby mounds topped with rich blue flowers in summer, xeric, excellent bee plant, deer proof

Iris hookeri—compact, good-looking healthy green foliage frames large blue flowers in late spring and early summer, one of North America’s most beautiful native irises, short and sweet

Kniphofia hirsuta and Kniphofia stricta, compact torch lilies—hardier and more compact than most kniphofias, tidier foliage, showy orange and yellow flower spikes that draw hummingbirds. 4” available.

Lavatera thuringiaca, shrub mallow—hardier than Lavatera olbia, the bareroot Dutch plant. Pink hollyhock-like flowers cover this 3-4’ bushy perennial summer to fall. Handsome maple-shaped foliage. 

Lilium parryi—Lemon Lily is native to the southwestern mountains of CA & AZ. It has bright yellow trumpet shaped flowers that are heavily scented. It requires well drained soils & a protected eastern exposure.

Meconopsis cambrica, Welsh wood poppy—a hardy orange poppy for shade! Unlike its stunning blue-flowered Himalayan cousins, this plant is happy in Front Range gardens

Nolina texana, bear grass—a graceful yucca relative with narrow arching evergreen foliage, great xeric accent plant, from a hardier wild population in northeastern New Mexico

Onosma echioides, lemon drops—pretty dangling yellow flowers over a long period make this unusual xeric perennial a standout, good bee plant, deer proof

Paeonia veitchii—an unusual peony that does well in light shade as well as full sun, with handsome incised fresh green foliage and graceful rose-pink flowers in late spring

Polemonium caeruleum, Jacob’s ladder—dependable and pretty, this long-blooming shade perennial has lovely ferny foliage and true blue flowers in loose spikes, deer proof

Primula auricula—one of the easiest “fancy” primroses to grow in the rock garden, with pretty and sculptural pale green foliage rosettes and fragrant yellow flower clusters in spring

Primula elatior, oxslip—another easy-care and long-lived primrose, this one is a bit larger and ideal for dry shade, with long-lasting, fragrant soft yellow flower clusters in spring

Pulsatilla aurea, yellow pasqueflower—ferny leaves and nodding soft yellow bells make this little early spring bloomer an irresistible charmer, good bee plant.

Salvia cyanescens—felted silver leaves like lamb’s ears, and airy spikes of lavender blue flowers over a long period make this xeric sage a standout. Aromatic and deer proof.

Sanguisorba menziesii, burgundy burnet--native to meadows in western Canada and Alaska, the best of the burnets, with ruffled, mounded foliage and rose-red bottlebrush flowers in summer. 4” pot.

Stipa pennata, European feather grass—a beautiful fine-textured grass  with silvery flowers and seeds that looks like Mexican feather grass but seeds around less and is longer-lived. Deer proof. 4” pot.

Tanacetum cinerariifolium--this year’s Plant Select, a pure white daisy for the xeric garden, with attractive gray-green fine-textured foliage, combines well with almost anything, deer proof.

Teucrium aroanium—the real species, often confused in the trade, makes an attractive xeric evergreen mat of low silver foliage, with pale lavender flowers dotted on top over a long period, deer proof



Visit our website at www.laporteavenuenursery.com for great photos!



*** Indicates that these plants are available for $1.00 less per plant if you order 3 or more.


Achnatherum calamagrostis (Poaceae) silver spear grass to 2’ x 2’ (S)large blond persistent flowers and seedheads, long-lived, one of the showiest well-behaved mid-sized ornamental grasses, deer proof.      $5.00

Aethionema grandiflorum (Brassicaceae) Persian Candytuft 10” x 14” (S) Distinctive fleshy blue-gray foliage accessorized with clusters of rosy-pink flowers in early summer. Russia, Iran.       $5.00

Allium cernuum (Liliacea) Nodding Onion/Ladies Leek 12” x 4” (S) Attractive soft lavender-pink nodding umbels over a vase-like rosette of slender foliage in mid-summer. N. America.        $5.00

Allium nutans 1-2’ tall (S) A terrific rhizomatous species with pirouetting rosettes of wide foliage and soft pink, rose, or lilac fuzzy-looking globes on unusual twisting and nodding stems. Asia, Siberia.      $5.00

Alyssum stribryni (Brassicaeae) 3” x 8” (S-X) A silver shrublet covered in spring with clusters of sunny yellow flowers. Balkans.              $5.00

Amsonia jonesii (Apocynaceae) Blue Star 18” x 18” (S-C-X) Upright growth with long willowy leaves and long-lasting light blue funnel-shaped flowers in late spring. Plant Select.CO, UT, AZ.              ***$5.00

Androsace lanuginosa (Primulaceae) Wooly Rock Jasmine 3” x 16” (S-P-A) A fine alpine with soft silky-silvery stems that tumble delicately over rocks, ending with clusters of lilac-pink, golden-eyed flowers in late summer. Himalayas.              ***$5.00

Androsace sarmentosa ‘Chumbyi’ Silky Rock Jasmine 2” x 12” (S-F-A) Loosely spreading, downy rosettes quickly form a low silky mat abundantly furnished with bright pink, yellow-eyed, sweetly fragrant flowers in early summer. Easy to grow. Himalayas.                       ***$5.00

Androsace sarmentosa ‘Sheriffii’ 3” x 24” (P-A) Large fragrant heads of dainty pink, yellow-eyed flowers in spring over tight rosettes lightly covered with silken hairs. Himalayas.                        ***$5.00

Androsace sempervivoides Rosette Androsace 2” x 6” (P-F) Clusters of fragrant yellow-eyed, mauve-pink flowers over huddled mounds of tight dark green rosettes in early summer. Less sensitive to winter wet than other species. nw Himalayas.                          ***$5.00

Anemone magellanica (Ranunculaceae) 1’ x 8” (S-P) A stunning plant, attractive to birds who make nests from fluffy seed heads with finely divided foliage and pretty glowing moonlight yellow flowers with yellow centers. Easy and prefers moist soil. S. America.     $5.00

Antennaria ‘McClintock’ (Asteraceae) McClintock’s Pussytoes 1” x 12” (S-X) Recently introduced, this tidy extra compact silvery-felted pussytoes forms dense attractive mats and pearly white flowers. Great for use between paving stones. WY.                       ***$5.00

Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii (Scrophulariaceae) Hardy Snapdragon to 18” x 15” (S-P-X) A delightful hardy perennial with candelabras of creamy white and yellow ‘dragon’ flowers over tufts of lax, willowy foliage. Spain, Portugal. LSO $5.00

Anthericum ramosum (Liliaceae) Grass Lily, St Bernard’s Lily 18” x 12” (S-P-X)  Long arching wands of pretty white starry flowers over clumps of narrow, grass-like foliage in late summer into fall.  Europe, Turkey. LSO   $5.00

Aquilegia caerulea (Ranunculaceae) Rocky Mountain Columbine 8” x 12” (P-C-W) Our Colorado state flower, with large, blue and white, long-spurred blossoms and delicate blue-green foliage. Rocky Mts, in meadows and open forest, foothills to alpine. Best in cool conditions.            $5.00

Aquilegia flabellata ‘Nana’ Dwarf Fanleaf Columbine  8” x 8” (S-P) A charming dwarf with waxy fan-shaped leaves and graceful pale blue and white flowers. A good rock garden species that tends to come true from seed. Japan.   $5.00

Aquilegia fragrans 1-2’ x 1’ (S-P-F) Exquisite, honeysuckle scented columbine from the Himalayas, with pendant, creamy yellow blossoms with a hint of pink-lavender in early summer.       $5.00

Aquilegia jonesii Jones’ Columbine  3” x 3”  (S-P-T) Aristocrat of the columbines! A dainty mound of elegant brilliant clear blue solitary flowers on tiny, lacy gray-green foliage. Best grown in a trough, difficult in the open garden. Bighorn Mts, WY.                               $6.00

Aquilegia jonesii x saximontana 6” x 6” (P) Compact tufts of blue-green foliage and large dazzling blue flowers in early summer. Easier than A. jonesii.            $5.00

Aquilegia karelinii Afghan Columbine to 15” x 1’ (P-W) An attractive taller species, with pretty wine-colored nodding flowers with strongly hooked spurs. Native to the forests of central Asia.       $5.00

Aquilegia nigricans 1-2’ x 1’ (P) Impressive large, long-spurred, dark midnight purple flowers over smooth attractive foliage. Balkans.              $5.00

Aquilegia saximontana  Miniature Rocky Mtn. Blue Columbine 8” x 6” (S-P-C) A choice dwarf from the Rocky Mts. carries petite, blue and white flowers nestled in delicate foliage in summer. CO, subalpine and alpine.                      $5.00

Arenaria alfacarensis (Caryophyllaceae) Spanish Sandwort 1/2” x 6” (S-T-X) Tiny white flowers in summer on very tight hard mats of silver-green triangular foliage. A fine and rarely available alpine from Sierra Segura, Spain.     $6.00

Arenaria obtusiloba Cushion Sandwort 2” x 6” (S) This alpine sandwort forms mats of tight sharply-tipped needle-like leaves covered in summer with tiny white flowers on trailing stems. Grow lean to keep a tight form. nw N. America.  $5.00


Arenaria tetraquetra Spanish Sandwort 1/2” x 8” (S-T-X) Wonderful low congested mats of densely crowded quadrangular leaves topped with bright sparks of tiny white flowers in summer. Spanish Sierras.     $5.00

Arenaria ‘Wallowa Mountain’ 1/2” x 12” (S-P-T-X) A remarkable very drought tolerant Oregon native forming tight evergreen mats of rich emerald green foliage and tiny white flowers in summer. Looks like moss in the dry sunny garden.                      ***$5.00

Armeria trojana (Plumbaginaceae) Turkish Alpine Thrift 2” x 3” (S-P-T) Very tiny cushions of narrow, dark green leaves and quaint sugar-pink flowers on short stems. A charming new introduction from Kaz Dag, Turkey.    $5.00

Artemisia assoana (syn. A. caucasica) (Asteraceae) Creeping Spanish Sage 3” x 12” (S-X) A tiny silver mound of silky feathery foliage that invites touching. A little princess in the artemisia clan. Spain to Ukraine.     $5.00

Asarina procumbens (Scrophulaceae) Snapdragon Vine 4” trailing (P) This low-growing dry-shade lover has pretty pale green foliage and creamy snapdragon flowers, great as a groundcover or flowing over rocks and slopes. Pyrenees. LSO  $5.00

Asarum europaeum (Aristolochiaceae) European Ginger 6” x 12” (P-N-F-W) Curiously beautiful, greenish purple flowers are produced in early spring cleverly hidden beneath handsome dark glossy evergreen ginger-scented foliage. A classy shade plant. Europe.               $5.00

Asclepias tuberosa (Asclepiadaceae) Orange Butterfly Milkweed 18” x 12” (S-P-X-C) Umbels of orange flowers in late summer are sure to attract comments and butterflies. A nice companion plant for red & yellow kniphofias. Long-lived native to northeastern and mid-western US into the Great Plains.        $5.00

Aster alpinus (Asteraceae) Alpine Aster 3” x 4” (S-P) A choice alpine species producing large lavender-pink daisies over mounds of slightly hairy foliage in early summer. Alps, Pyrenees.          $5.00

Aster coloradoensis 4” x 6” (S-X-C) Lovely western native, a small mat-forming perennial with gray-green leaves, showy pink daisies, great in xeric gardens and rock gardens, blooms earlier than most asters. CO.              ***$6.00

Aster oblongifolius Aromatic Aster 1-2’ x 1’ (S) A superb Great Plains native, best all-around fall aster, handsome form and foliage, showy purple or pink daisies, leaves smell when crushed, deer proof. LSO     $5.00

Aubrieta gracilis (Brassicaeae) 3” x 12” (S-X) A bountiful profusion of amethyst blooms are produced in early springtime over mats of bright green compact foliage. Balkans.         $5.00

Aubrieta pinardii Rock Cress 3” x 8” (S-P) Mounds of deep green hairy foliage covered in spring with pretty violet flowers. A gem from Turkey.              $6.00

Baptisia australis v. minor (Fabaceae) Dwarf Wild Indigo 18” x 18” (S-P) More compact and smaller leaves than B. australis with lupine-like spires of violet-blue in late spring. Well adapted to low fertility soils and a better choice for the smaller garden. TX. & midwest.             $6.00

Bolax glebaria (Apiaceae) Plastic Plant 1/2” x 6” (P) Tight glossy mats of stiff evergreen rosettes invite an exploratory touch and feature tiny yellow flowers in summer. Nice between paving stones. Falkland Islands.     $6.00

Calceolaria filicaulis (Scrophulaceae) 3” x 5” (S-P) Enchanting baggy pouches of yellow, freckled with red are produced in summer over dark green foliage. Patagonia.         $5.00

Campanula aucheri (Campanulaceae) 4” x 6” (S-P) Lustrous dark green leaves form  compact tufts that support large striking blue bells in late spring into summer. Ideal crevice plant. Turkey.       $6.00

Campanula chamissonis 4” x 12” (S-P) Attractive spreading mats of bright green glossy foliage festooned with large showy lavender-blue, white-centered flowers in spring. One of the best! Far East.       $6.00

Campanula excisa  3” x 8” (P-T) Mid-summer blossoms of pendant funnel-shaped lilac-blue beautify mats of attractive linear foliage. Choice! Alps.             $6.00

Campanula fragilis Italian Bellflower trailing to 1’ (P) Beautiful open mid blue bells with a dark ring at the base have a prominent style that protrudes well beyond the petals over tufts of handsome deep olive-green, hairy foliage. Italy.  $6.00

Campanula raineri 3” x 10” (S-P-T) An exquisite miniature alpine with gray-green leaves and upturned bells of china blue in summer. Italy, on limestone screes.          $6.00

Campanula saxifraga 3” x 6” (S-P) A choice bellflower with large up-facing violet-blue bells over domes of bright green spathulate leaves. Caucasus.           $6.00

Carex appalachica (Cyperaceae) Appalachian Sedge 8” x 12” (P-W) A lovely fine-textured, small woodland sedge, ideal for dry shady sites, with an exquisite fountain-like habit. Great understory plant and deer resistant. e N. America. LSO                              2 ”-$5.00 3 ”-$7.00

Carex caryophyllea ‘Beatlemania’ 6” x 24” (P) A garden sport recently introduced by Alan Tower, with a mop head appearance similar to that of the Beatles. Soft narrow dark green arching evergreen leaves are edged with gold. Spreads slowly, an extremely cute sedge.            $5.00

Carex firma v. variegata 2” x 3” (S-P-T) Tiny tight tufts spreads slowly of narrow variegated foliage of green and cream.  About as small a sedge as they come. Alps.          $5.00

Chrysanthemum weyrichii ‘Alba’ (Asteraceae) 6” x 18” (S) A handsome spreading mat of leathery rounded leaves dressed in late summer with large snow-white daisies. Japan, among seashore rocks.               ***$5.00

Clematis hexapetala (Ranunculaceae) Mongolian Snowflakes to 3’ non-vining habit (S-P-F-X) A robust grower from China with dark green leathery leaves and masses of long-blooming white snowflake-like flowers in summer. Attractive to bees and butterflies.             $6.00


Clematis hirsutissima ‘Lone Pine Form’ (Also sold as ‘Garden Club of Denver’) Sugarbowls 15” x 18” (S-X-C) Distinctive nodding vase-shaped plum-colored bells backed with silky hairs are produced late spring atop bushy clumps of finely divided foliage. Choice! CO, foothills to montane.                                   ***$6.00

Clematis integrifolia 24” x 24” (S) From a slowly expanding clump rises a mass of thin stems each terminating in a solitary nodding bell of blue-violet in summer. Plants stand erect in most cases but occasionally flop or weave themselves through whatever happens to be nearby. Europe.          $5.00

Clematis scottii 12” x 18” (S-C-X) An extremely good compact form with non-vining upright stems, narrow blue-green foliage and rich purple-blue turban-shaped flowers followed by pretty silky-haired seed heads. Long-blooming in spring through summer. CO, WY.                                         ***$6.00

Clematis texensis climber, to 5’ (S-P-X) A beautiful, well-behaved, drought tolerant vine with cherry-red urn-shaped flowers all summer long. Attracts hummingbirds! This is the rarely offered true species, not a hybrid. TX. LSO   $8.00

Corydalis flexuosa ‘Blue Panda’ (Papaveraceae) 8” x 12” (P-N-W) A profusion of clear blue tubular blooms emerge in late spring to early summer over soft mounds of delicate green foliage that turns bronzy-green in fall.    $6.00

Cotula hispida (Asteraceae) 3” x 9” (S) Soft silky tufts of silvery foliage carry wiry stems of long lasting bright yellow hatpin-like flowers in summer. S. Africa.          $5.00

Cyclamen purpurascens (Primulaceae) 6” x 6” (N-P-F-T) A true gem with very sweetly scented, slightly twisted rose-pink flowers in summer above evergreen satiny heart-shaped leaves with a burgundy reverse. One sniff and you’ll be captivated! Thrives in dappled shade. The hardiest cyclamen species. Europe.                                                                                 ***$7.00

Daphne x hendersonii ‘Aymon Correvon’ Thymelaeaceae6” x 10” (P-F) Fragrant shell-pink ruffled blooms flush in late spring and intermittently throughout the summer over upright mounds of dark glossy evergreen foliage. n Italy.

                                                                                                                                                                    2 ”-$14.00 3 ”-$20.00

Daphne retusa 18” x 18” (S-P-F) A dramatic dwarf shrub with leathery, dark evergreen, shiny leaves and fragrant whitish to rosy purple flowers in late spring. Red berries. China.                 2 ”-$14.00 3 ”-$20.00             

Delosperma basuticum (Mesembryanthemaceae) 1" x 8" (S-T-X) One of the hardiest species from the Drakensberg Mountains with glimmering golden yellow flowers with a white eye. S. Africa.               ***$5.00

Delosperma basuticum ‘White Nugget’ 1” x 4” (S-X-T) Stunning white, yellow-eyed flowers smother tight mounds of green foliage in spring. A choice alpine miniature from the Drakensberg  Mts.              ***$5.00

Delosperma ‘Beaufort West’ 1” x 6” (S-T) A charming succulent topped in late spring to summer with glistening tiny pink daisies. A real cutie. S. Africa.                   ***$5.00

Delosperma daveyi 1" x  8" (S-P-T-X) Bronzy-red succulent foliage year round adorned with pearl-white flowers in summer. One of the cutest for the rock garden or trough. S. Africa.                ***$5.00

Dianthus alpinus (Caryophyllaceae) Alpine Pink 3” x 8” (S-T) This sweet little alpine makes bright green cushions with large rounded flowers in many shades of cherry-red with darker patches, in summer. Austria, e Alps.                       $5.00

Dianthus arvernensis (white form) 2” x 6” (S) One of our prettiest dwarf pinks, with tight cushions of blue-green foliage that are covered in pure white flowers in late spring and early summer. France.             ***$5.00

Dianthus callizonus to 5” x 8” (S) Pretty large carmine pink flowers with white center markings over small cushions of gray-green leaves. Carpathians.            $5.00

Dianthus carthusianorum Clusterhead Pink 1’ x 1’ (S) Vivid bright magenta-pink fringed petals unfold from reddish-brown calyxes in late summer atop wiry stems over narrow grassy-green foliage. Europe, in alpine meadows.  $5.00

Dianthus freynii Cushion Pink 4” x 6” (S-T-F) A dwarf cushion with stiff gray-green leaves and delightful solitary pink flowers in late spring. Balkans.             $5.00

Dianthus ‘Nyewood Cream’ 4” x 12” (S-F) Heavenly perfumed blooms of cream slowly age to a soft powder pink. I fell in love with this one. It’s a must have.                    ***$5.00

Dianthus pavonius 4” x 6” (S-P) Tight cushions of lustrous grassy foliage smothered beneath a dome of large warm-pink petals backed in buff. One of the best! sw Alps.          $5.00

Dictamnus albus ‘Purpureus’ (Rutaceae) Gas Plant 2’ x 1’ (S-F) Summer spikes of elegant pale pink flowers heavily veined with deep purplish-pink over clumps of aromatic pinnate leaves. Very long-lived, gets better with age. sw Europe, Asia.    $5.00

Digitalis lutea (Scrophulariaceae) Straw Foxglove to 18” x 1’ (S-P) Most perennial of the foxgloves, great in full sun or dry shade, long-blooming spikes of pale yellow flowers, rich green foliage, deer proof. LSO                                           3 ”-$7.00

Dodecatheon pulchellum (Primulaceae) Western Shooting Star 12” x 6” (P-W-C) Striking clusters of cyclamen-like vivid bright pink flowers in spring. Keep cool and moist in spring and dry in summer when dormant. N. America, plains to alpine. $5.00

Draba bruniifolia (Brassicaceae)) 3” x 12” (S-P-T) Slender-leafed rosettes build slowly to form tight low mats and bear masses of bright yellow blooms in spring. Caucasus to Turkey.        $5.00

Draba dedeana Spanish Rockcress Draba 3” x 4” (P-T) Dense cushions of tightly stacked deep green rosettes adorned in spring with a crown of short-stemmed white jewels. Spain, in moist shady places.               ***$5.00

Draba hispanica 2” x 4” (S-P-T) Crowded rosettes of stiff green leaves fringed with bristly hairs and topped with bright yellow flowers in spring. Spain.            $5.00

Draba oligosperma Few-seeded Draba 2” x 7” (S-T-C) A nice miniature with diminutive curly rosettes forming tiny mats and bright yellow flowers in spring. Loves a bright sunny crevice. w N. America, on open slopes, montane to alpine.     $5.00


Draba polytricha Hairy Draba 2” x 6” (S-T-A) Stemless bright yellow flowers in spring on furry domes of silver-gray rosettes. Caucasus, in crevices.                   $5.00

Draba rigida v. bryoides 2” x 5” (S-T) Swarms of tiny yellow flowers in spring rise slightly above a bun of dark green densely packed minute leaves. Probably the best, long-lived draba. Turkey, Armenia.     $5.00

Dudleya cymosa (Crassulaceae) Canyon Liveforever to 8” (S) A candelabra of thick textured yellow or red thimble-shaped flowers over rosettes of either glaucous silvery-gray dusted with white powder or smooth deep green. Attracts butterflies. CA.                         ***$5.00

Dudleya farinosa Bluff Lettuce 6” x 6” (S) Waxy rosettes of blue-gray spade-shaped leaves with 1’ tall red tinted stems topped with pale to bright yellow flowers. Quite showy! CA, OR.                              ***$5.00

Echinacea angustifolia (Asteraceae) Narrow-leaved Coneflower 18” x 1’ (S-X) This prairie native bears copper-orange central cones surrounded by arching petals in pink to purple-pink in early summer. Tolerates poor soils, attracts butterflies, and is deer resistant. Central N. America. LSO          $5.00

Edraianthus pumilio (Campanulaceae) 1” x 5” (S-P) Pretty amethyst-violet bells crown tight grassy cushions of silver-green leaves in early summer.             $6.00

Erigeron algidus (Asteraceae) Stalked Fleabane 3” x 5” (S-T) Compact clumps of narrow, fuzzy leaves and lavender daisies borne on short stems. CA, NV. in alpine screes.         $5.00

Erigeron compositus ‘Pink’ 2” x 5” (S-T) Almost stemless large pink daisies nearly hide the nice compact cushions of finely cut green leaves. w N. America.           $5.00

Erigeron compositus ‘Red Desert’ 2” x 6” (S-T-X) Cute white daisies on short stems over a bed of deeply cut silver-green foliage.              $5.00

Erigeron leiomerus Rock Slide Fleabane 4” x 8” (S) Pale lilac-pink daisies are held over tufts of spathulate foliage in summer, often producing a second crop of bloom in late summer if cut back after flowering. w USA, subalpine to alpine.  $5.00

Erigeron linearis Desert Yellow Daisy 3” x 8” (S-X) A choice fleabane with bright yellow daisies over attractive grassy tufts of gray-green thread-like foliage. w USA.          $5.00

Erigeron scopulinus Rock Daisy or Winn Falls Fleabane 1” x 10” (S-P-T) A spangle of white daisies studs this dark green mat of tiny spoon-shaped leaves in spring. Excellent between flagstones. AZ Mts.      $5.00

Erodium lindavicum (Geraniaceae) Alpine Stork’s Bill 6” x 12” (S-P) Produces sprays of sweet shell-pink flowers above a soft mound of ferny gray-green foliage through most of the summer.       $5.00

Erodium petraeum ‘Hybrids’ 6” x 12” (S) Low tufts of silver-green foliage, almost fern-like, produce pretty long-blooming flowers in shades of pink and lavender. We suggest you try more than just one!      $5.00

Erygium variifolium  ‘Miss Marble’ (Apiaceae) Moroccan Seaholly 1’ x 8” (S-X) Spiny bracts of silver-blue thistle-like flowers over compact rosettes of lovely pattered foliage. Highly attractive to bees and butterflies. Morocco.    $5.00

Eryngium yuccifolium Rattlesnake Master 2-5’ (S) Rare blue-leafed form of this long-lived prairie native, with architectural yucca-like foliage, creamy bristly flower clusters on tall sturdy stems late summer to frost. An elegant accent plant. Midwest, TX. LSO             $5.00

Erysimum kotschyanum (Brassicaceae) 1-2” x 6” (S) Low tufts of tiny leaves smothered in small brilliant yellow flowers in early summer. Asia, Turkey.           $5.00

Erysimum nivale (Brassicaceae) 4” x 3” (S-P-F) Bright yellow fragrant flowers over tufts of dark green narrow foliage. Rocky Mts.              $5.00

Erysimum wheeleri  Sanddune Wallflower to 2’ (S-P) Terminal racemes of orange flowers bloom in early spring carried on erect stems. Great for alluring butterflies. CA to AZ.         $5.00

Euphorbia clavarioides (Euphorbiaceae) Lion’s Spore 2” x 6” (S) A fascinating succulent forms hard evergreen hummocks and is ideal for the sunny, warm, dry garden or as a container accent. Small yellow flowers cover the plant in early spring. Choice, needs some winter protection or milder microclimate in zone 5a or colder. S. Africa.            ***$6.00

Festuca mairei (Poaceae) Atlas Fescue to 3’ x 3’ (S-P-X) Clump forming with fountains of soft gray-green foliage graced in June with slender soft plumes. Unusually long-lived for a fescue and xeric once it’s established. Atlas Mountains, Morocco. LSO               $5.00

Festuca ovina v. glauca ‘Sea Urchin’ Blue Fescue 8” x 12” (S-X) Rigid compact clumps of finely textured, icy blue leaves makes a striking accent in any garden. Most rock gardens need a few small grasses and sedges in them to give them textual diversity.               $5.00

Gentiana angustifolia (Gentianaceae) 3” x 12” (P-T) Large upright heavenly blue trumpets swirl open in spring and are heavily borne above mats of narrow, glossy rosettes. Tops on my list! Alps.       $6.00

Gentiana paradoxa ‘Hybrid’ 8” x 6” (P-T) G. paradoxa x G. septemfida. They vary, but many have wider leaves than the straight species, all share late-season, exquisite blue trumpet flowers.        $6.00

Gentiana paradoxa 8” x 6” (P) The true species, with narrow leaves and upright stems terminating in clusters of, bright-blue starry flowers in late summer. Easy and long-lived. Caucasus.          $6.00

Gentiana parryi Parry’s Gentian 8” x 12” (S-P) Clusters of plump deep-blue trumpets emerge in late summer over tufts of broad, glossy foliage. BC to CA and CO.          $6.00



Gentiana parryi x septemfida 6” x 8” (P) The bees have been very busy in our rock garden so we have multiple variations of this classic plant. Some resemble one parent over the other but they all exhibit gorgeous blue flowers.              

                                                                                                                                                           ***2 1/2”-$6.00 3 1/2” -$8.00

Gentiana verna Spring Star Gentian 2” x 6” (S-P-T) A petite gem, producing starry flowers of exquisite deep blue in spring over mats of sleek evergreen leaves.  Europe, Asia.             $6.00

Geranium dalmaticum (Geraniaceae) Dalmatian Cranesbill 6” x 18” (S-F) Sugar pink flowers cover this compact cranesbill in early summer and the pretty, fresh green foliage turns bright red in autumn. A fabulous dwarf cranesbill. Balkans.   ***$5.00


Geranium sp (ex Joseph Halda) 8” x 8” (S-P-F) Rich-pink flowers abound in summer over tight mounds of attractive highly aromatic deep-green lobed foliage. This is a wild collected hybrid related to G. macrorrhizum. Nice!   $6.00

Gladiolus palustris (Iridaceae) 1-2’ tall. (S-P) This dainty but hardy perennial glad looks wonderful poking out between mid-sized perennials or intermingled in a meadow or steppe planting, with graceful wands of rosy flowers. Europe.        ***$5.00

Grindelia chiloensis (Asteraceae) Gum Plant 2’ x 2’ (S) Bushy evergreen subshrub carries 3” bright yellow flowers singly on tall stems. Argentina.             $5.00

Gypsophila bungeana (Caryophyllaceae) Bunge’s Baby’s Breath 1” x 3” (S-T) Tiny white flowers barely kissed with lilac are presented on wiry 6” stems in late spring to early summer over tidy mounds of grass-like foliage. Caucasus.           ***$5.00

Helleborus orientalis ‘Rote Hybrid’ (Ranunculaceae) Lenten Rose 18” x 24” (P-N-W) A hybrid with robust evergreen clumps erupting into a bouquet of delightful translucent wine-burgundy  saucer-shaped flowers in late winter to early spring.    $6.00

Hemerocallis ‘Golden Sprouts’ (Liliaceae)1-2’ tall (S-P) Compact early daylily with golden flowers, blooms a month before any of the common daylily hybrids do, in late spring/early summer, and stays about half the size. LSO  $5.00

Hemerocallis multiflora (S-P) The latest-blooming daylily, this elegant plant sends up 4-5’ stems with dozens of starry yellow flowers in late summer and fall over a long period. Asia. LSO       $5.00

Heterotheca jonesii (Asteraceae) Jones’ Goldenaster 1” x 8” (S-T-X) Copious numbers of bright yellow daisies are produced in late summer over tight gray-green fuzzy mats.  Excellent between paving stones in dry sunny places. UT, plains to montane.                    ***$6.00

Heuchera abramsii (Saxifragaceae) San Gabriel Alumroot 4” x 3” (P-N) A choice dwarf from California with glistening white urns backed with rosy-violet.           $6.00

Heuchera pulchella 7” x 8” (P-C) A small species of dainty charm with delicate bright pink, chiming bell-like flowers over scalloped rosettes in early summer. NM.           $5.00

Hosta ‘Bill Dress Blue’ (Liliaceae) 4” x 9” (N-P-W) A charming mini with ground hugging blue-green leaves and an abundance of soft lavender flowers.                  ***$6.00

Hosta ‘Cheatin Heart’ 4” x 12” (N-P-W) This miniature is a standout with lemon yellow, heart shaped leaves that have a slight wave and pretty lavender flowers in summer.                 ***$6.00

Hosta ‘Green Eyes’ 4” x 12” (N-P-W) An eye catching dwarf that forms a miniature mound of ruffled yellow leaves with a thin green margin and lavender flowers.                  ***$6.00

Hosta ‘Mascarade’ 4” x 3” (P-N-W) Neat little clumps of tiny elongated green leaves with white centers.           ***$6.00

Hosta minima 2” x 4” (P-N-W) A very petite hosta with dark green leaves and lavender flowers.            ***$6.00

Houstonia caerulea  (Rubiaceae) Azure Bluet/Quaker Ladies 2” x 5” (S-P) Tiny, glossy spoon-shaped leaves form flat mats covered with adorable baby-blue, yellow-eyed stars in spring. e N.America.      $5.00

Hymenoxys richardsonii (Asteraceae) Colorado Rubberweed 8” x 6” (S-P-C) Highly dissected basal leaves and bright yellow daisies. Rocky Mts.            $5.00

Hypericum olympicum ‘Moon Glow’ (Hypericaceae) St. John’s Wort 6” x 12” (S-X)  A fine alpine with pretty soft-yellow flowers on erect stems, covering neat ground hugging mounds in summer. LSO     $5.00

Hyssopus angustifolia  (Lamiaceae) Alpine Hyssop 1’ x 8” (S-F-X) This aromatic hyssop forms compact shrubby mounds topped with rich blue flowers in summer, xeric, excellent bee plant, deer proof. LSO      $5.00

Iris (Dwarf Bearded) all under 1’ (6-8” tall)/ (S-F-X) in various colors-xeric and easy like the big guys but much cuter and smaller, bloom a month earlier when the garden still needs all the color it can get. LSO                                         3 1/2”-$7.00

please specify color:                                           

Blue & Buff bicolor, Creamy Pale Yellow, Periwinkle & Blue, Rich Bright Gold, White w/Purple Picotee,

Smokey Blue & Plum

Iris hookeri (syn. setosa ssp. canadensis ‘Nana’) Beach-head Iris 8” x 12” (S) Compact, good-looking healthy green foliage frames large porcelain-blue flowers in late spring and early summer. One of North America’s most beautiful native irises, short and sweet.                      ***$5.00

Iris missouriensis Blue Flag 12” x 12” (S-C) This stately early spring bloomer carries flowers of soft blue-violet, the falls prominently veined blue, over mounds of  elegant slender swords.USA, in moist meadows and stream banks, but strives in our rock garden with minimal water .          $5.00

Iris pumila 4” x 6” (S-F-X) This petite bearded iris has clumps of short, sea-green swords that put forth stocks of spectacular flowers in a wide range of colors from yellow to purple in early summer. e Europe.     $6.00

Iris ruthenica 6” x 6” (S-P-F) Tufts of grass-like leaves and lovely fragrant violet and white flowers in early summer. e. Europe, Asia.                 3 ”-$7.00

Iris tenax Tough-leafed Iris 6-12” tall (S-P) A dainty wild species with tight clumps of slender leaves and showy lavender-blue to orchid flowers in spring. nw USA.          $6.00

Iris tenax v. tenax 4-10” x 6” (S-P) Lilac flowers with a white blotch over mounds of slender leaf blades. nw USA, on subalpine slopes.             $6.00

Kniphofia hirsuta (Liliaceae) Hairy Torch Lily, Red Hot Poker 1’ x 1’ (S) A petite red hot poker with free-blooming multiple flower spikes of showy orange and yellow flower spikes that draw hummingbirds. One of the best and quite hardy for us.

S. Africa.                                                                                                                        3 1/2”-$7.00

Kniphofia stricta to 15” (S) A striking compact and hardy species with rich tangerine buds opening to yellow pendulous flowers over clumps of erect leaves with rolled margins. S. Africa. LSO      $5.00

Lavatera thuringiaca (Malvaceae) Shrub Mallow to 4’ tall & wide (S) Hardier than Lavatera olbia, the bareroot Dutch plant. Pretty pink hollyhock-like flowers cover this bushy perennial summer to fall. Handsome maple-shaped foliage. Europe, Central Asia. LSO                                                                                                                     $5.00

Leucanthemum atlanticum v. gelidum (Asteraceae) 2” x 5” (S-A) A delightful little plant with white daisy flowers, tinged pink underneath, above tufts of deep green, finely cut leaves. Morocco.                                                                                      $6.00

Lewisia cotyledon ‘Heckneri Strain’ (Portulaceae) 4” x 6” (P) Clumps of deep green fleshy leaves feature panicles of blooms that open in luminous shades of bright pink to apricot in spring.       $6.00

Lewisia cotyledon ‘Rainbow’ (syn. Regenbogen) 6” x 8” (N-T) Flowers in enchanting shades of bright pink to salmon and yellow flaunt themselves in spring over flat, succulent-looking rosettes.       $6.00

Lewisia cotyledon ‘Yellow’ 4-6” (P-T) Tidy rosettes of fleshy leaves and flowers in sunny shades of yellow to peachy-yellow

in spring and summer. A favorite!          $6.00

Lewisia x ‘Edithae’ 6” x 8” (P) Low mounds of rich green leathery foliage are adorned with blooms of bright salmon-pink from spring to summer. Sure pleasure!          $6.00

Lewisia longipetala ‘Little Peach’ 4” x 6” (P-T) A charming little plant preferring to be dry, with peachy-pink flowers with interesting details over rosettes of fleshy linear leaves.  sw USA, CA.      $6.00

Lewisia longipetala ‘Little Plum’ (L. colyledon x L. longipetala) 4” x 6” (S-P-A) Tight rosettes of fleshy evergreen leaves smothered with large flowers of intense rose-purple flushed with apricot when they first open in early summer. $5.00

Lewisia rediviva Bitterroot 2” x 3” (P-T-C) Huge iridescent rosy-pink or white waterlily-like flowers appear in spring after their quill-like foliage goes dormant. Keep dry in summer. Montana’s state flower. w USA, in open rocky places, foothills to subalpine.                    $6.00

Lewisia rediviva v. minor 2” x 3” (P) Sumptuous, pristine white blooms are nestled within tufts of slender fleshy leaves in early summer. Keep on the dry side after it goes dormant. UT.        $5.00

Liatris punctata (Asteraceae) Dotted Blazing Star 12” x 16” (S-X-C) Brilliant feathery lavender-pink flowers attract butterflies in late summer. The most compact & drought tolerant of the gayfeather genus. Alberta to NM.            ***$5.00

Lilium bulbiferum v. croceum (Liliacaeae) Fire, Orange Lily to 1’ (S-P) A glorious presentation of cup-shaped, orange-red flowers in summer. A lime-tolerant lily. Alps and Pyrenees, cliffs and stony places.              ***$5.00

Lilium parryi Lemon Lily 2-3’ x 1’ (P) Bright yellow trumpet shaped flowers that are heavily scented. It requires well drained soils & a protected eastern exposure. Native to the southwestern mountains of CA & AZ.             ***$5.00

Lilium philadelphicum Wood Lily to 18” (P-C) Rarely found in cultivation. Large vivid orange-red, purple-spotted flowers sit proudly atop robust stems in summer. Likes a humus-rich soil. e USA in woodlands, occasionally in the Rocky Mts, plains, montane.                                                                          ***$5.00

Lilium pumilum Turk’s Cap Lily to 18” (S-F) Slender stems clad with scattered narrow leaves are capped in early summer by fragrant scarlet-red nodding flowers with strongly reflexed petals, sometimes spotted with black. An exceptional lily. e China and Siberia.                                                                                                                                ***$5.00

Lilium regale Regal Lily to 5’ (S-P-F) Clusters of deliciously fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers in mid-summer, their petals white on the inside with a yellow throat and lilac-pink on the outside. Too big for the traditional rock garden but lovely just the same. China.                                                                                                                                           ***$5.00

Linaria aeruginea Roadside Toadflax (Scrophularianceae) 6” x 4” (S-P) Cheerful, long-spurred snapdragons in a wide range of colors from May – August over delicate narrow blue-green foliage. Portugal.      $5.00

Meconopsis cambrica (Papaveraceae) Welsh Wood Poppy to 1’ x 10” (P)A hardy orange poppy for shade! Unlike its stunning blue-flowered Himalayan cousins, this plant is happy in climates with hot summers. LSO    $5.00

Muhlenbergia reverchonii (Poaceae) Autumn Embers Muhly Grass 18” x 2’(S) Fine-textured foliage turns a lovely tawny brown in winter after an autumnal reddish-pink froth of flowers. One of the finest N. American grasses and surprisingly hardy, trialed with success by Lauren & Scott Ogden in their n Colorado garden for 6 years. TX, OK. LSO                             3 1/2”-$7.00

Nolina texana (Agavaceae) Bear Grass 2-4’ tall (S-X) A graceful yucca relative with narrow arching evergreen foliage, great Xeric accent plant, from a hardier wild population in northeastern NM. LSO     $5.00

Onosma echioides (Boraginaceae) Lemon Drops to 1’ x 8” (S-X) Pretty dangling yellow flowers over a long period make this unusual xeric perennial a standout, good bee plant, deer proof. LSO       $5.00

Orostachys japonica (Crassulaceae) (S) Extreme clusters of succulent rosettes with intense red edges and tiny soft yellow flowers. Biennial. Japan.             $5.00


Orostachys spinosa False Houseleek 2” x 4” (S-T-X) A peculiar steppe plant with blue rosettes arranged in an artful whorl of spiny tipped leaves encircled with a ring of fleshy leaves (like a succulent sunflower) and a spike of many yellow flowers. Asia, Europe.             $5.00

Oxytropis multiceps (Fabaceae) Miniature Locoweed 2" x 5" (S-X-C-T) Purple-pink pea flowers are nestled into softly hairy pinnate leaves in early summer. Cute! Rocky Mts.          $5.00

Oxytropis podocarpa 1” x 4” (S-C) White silky mats of finely dissected leaves bear lavender-purple flowers followed by large inflated bubble-like pods. w USA.          $6.00

Oxytropis viscida 8” x 9” (S-C) Small upright sheaves of sparsely hairy leaflets and pretty red-purple flowers on graceful arched stems held just above the foliage in late summer. w USA.        $5.00

Papaver alpinum ssp. ernesti-mayeri Julian Poppy 4” x 3” (S-P) A petite, rare alpine with delicate, pure white flowers with bright yellow centers. sw Alps.           $5.00

Pelargonium endlicherianum (Geraniaceae) Rabbit Ears 8” x 12” (S-P) Late summer dazzles us with abundant showy deep-pink flowers, veined with red over handsome mounds of dark green scalloped foliage. A hardy and coveted plant! Taurus mountains of sw Turkey.             $7.00

Penstemon cardinalis (Scrophulariaceae) 2’ x 1’ (S-X) A hummingbird favorite with cardinal-red slender tubular flowers that hang delicately poised from tall spikes in midsummer over rosettes of thick blue-green foliage. NM, TX.LSO  $5.00

Penstemon cardwellii x rupicola 10” x 12” (S) Mounds of large thick blue-gray leaves set off the huge bright rose-pink blooms with golden wool covered anthers.           $5.00

Penstemon centranthifolius 4-5’ tall (S) Large and showy with beautiful scarlet flowers. A hummingbird’s dream plant! CA.


  • Penstemon davidsonii Blue Color Mat 3” x 6” (S-P)  Large lavender-blue flowers grace compact evergreen mats of pale green egg-shaped leaves. nw USA, montane to alpine.          $5.00

Penstemon davidsonii v. menziesii ‘Microphyllus’ 2” x 8” (S-T) A choice, rarely offered, subshrubby cultivar forming compact, creeping mats studded with large blue-violet trumpets on prostrate stems in summer. OR, CA.            ***$5.00

Penstemon eatonii Firecracker Penstemon 1’x 1’ (S-X) Dainty long narrow tubes of blazing scarlet nod along towering stems in early summer over rosettes of thick glossy foliage. A long-blooming penstemon that hummers love. sw USA, in semi desert, foothills and shrublands.           $5.00

Penstemon gairdneri 8” x 12” (S-P) Pretty orchid-pink to lavender flowers atop erect stems over mats of softly hairy linear leaves. The only penstemon with truly alternate leaves. nw USA.       $6.00

Penstemon hirsutus ‘Pygmaeus’ 4” x 6” (S-P) Loosely mat-forming with dark green leaves, purple flushed in winter, and pale purple flowers coated in fine fuzzy hairs in summer. Tolerate of humidity and some shade. N. America.  $5.00

Penstemon ophianthus Snake-flowered Penstemon 6” x 4” (S-C-X) Clusters of tubular pink-violet blooms in early summer over rosettes of narrow leaves. NM, CO, UT.          $6.00

Penstemon procerus v. formosus Alpine  Penstemon 2” x 8” (S-P) Low mat-forming with deep violet-blue flowers held above rosettes of ovate foliage in summer. More moisture tolerant than most penstemons. nw USA.           ***$5.00

Penstemon procerus v. tolmiei ‘Hawkeye’ 4” x 6” (P-F) Adorable with sweetly fragrant pink and white flowers held over neat compact rosettes of spoon-shaped foliage. WA, Goat Rocks area.       $5.00

Penstemon richardsonii v. curtiflorus 8” x 8” (S-P) Bright lavender-pink flowers from mid to late summer over compact mounds of toothed leaves that turn reddish-purple in fall. A long-blooming penstemon. OR.    $5.00

Penstemon rupicola Cliff Penstemon 4” x 8” (P) Brilliant rose-pink flowers over mats of blue-green foliage in late spring to mid-summer. CA to WA. found in cliffs and rock outcrops.         $5.00

Penstemon rydbergii Meadow Penstemon to 2’ x 1’ (S-P) Tight clusters of small blue-purple flowers with distinct white throats clasp tall stems in summer over rosettes of rather large lance-shaped leaves. Very adaptable & long-lived. w USA, moist meadows, foothills to montane. LSO          $5.00

Penstemon traceyi 4” x 6” (S-P) A rare cutey with small pink flowers over mats of thick, leathery leaves. neCA.   $6.00

Penstemon virens Blue Mist Penstemon 8” x 6” (S-C) Bright green glossy mats and numerous spikes of sky blue flowers in summer. Easy and tolerates some shade. CO, WY, foothills to montane.       $5.00

Penstemon virgatus ssp. asa-grayi Wandbloom Penstemon 18” x 5” (S-X) Narrow leaves and thin spikes of chubby lavender flowers with a wide lower lip. Rocky Mts.           $5.00

Phlox bifida (Polemoniaceae) 4” x 12” (S-P) Deeply cleft lavender-pink flowers are produced in spring over low compact mounds of long pointed narrow foliage.            $5.00

Phlox bifida ‘Alba’ White Cleft Phlox 4” x 12” (S-P) Beautiful white, snowflake-like flowers in spring adorn thick mats of dark green foliage.             $5.00

Phlox grayi (syn. P. longifolia ssp. brevifolia) Long-leaved phlox 3” x 7” (S-P-X) A champion phlox with stiff narrow leaves and large crystal-pink flowers. sw USA.          $7.00

Phlox kelseyi ‘Lemhi Purple’ 2” x 8” (S-P) This popular little jewel has compact clumps of bristly leaves and wonderful violet-blue flowers with a yellow eye. Rocky Mts.                ***$6.00

Phlox douglasia ‘Boothman’s Variety’ 3” x 8” (S-P) Compact, mat-forming evergreen with fine deep green leaves and round, dark-eyed, pinkish-purple flowers in late spring.          $5.00


Phlox subulata ‘Laura’ 4” x 12” (S) A charming mat-former with pretty soft baby-pink flowers in spring. Appealingly subtle color and a standout!             $5.00

Phlox subulata `Schneewittchen' 3" x 9" (S) A pretty miniature with large snow-white spring flowers over an attractive mat of dark green foliage.            $5.00

Polemonium caeruleum (Polemoniaceae) Jacob’s Ladder 1’ x 8” (S-P) Deep blue, cup-shaped blossoms in spring over lush fern-like foliage. Europe. LSO            $5.00

Potentilla hyparctica ‘Nana’ (Rosaceae) Dwarf Cinquefoil 3” x 12” (S-C) Beautiful tight silver-green wooly cushions and clusters of stemless bright yellow flowers in summer. Europe, Asia.         $5.00

Primula allionii ‘Airemist’ (Primulaceae) 3” x 3” (P-T) Tight little domes are covered in spring with pretty pure white flowers. Easy to please.             $6.00

Primula allionii ‘Allan Moonbeam’ 3” x 5” (P-N-T) Large white frilly blooms with a band of violet-pink on the edges of the petals.               $6.00

Primula allionii ‘Broadwell Milkmaid’ 3” x 3” (P-N) An impressive display of pretty milky-white overlapping blooms over tight little domes. One of the best!          $6.00

Primula allionii ‘Harlow Car Pink Ice’ 2” x 4” (P-T) An outstanding hybrid that is smothered in lovely creamy white flowers with soft crystalline pink cast.           $6.00                              

Primula allionii ‘Lismore Jewel’ 2” x 3” (P-N-T) Stunning rich red-violet blooms in late spring over compact rosettes of dark green leaves. A jaw dropper!             $6.00                              

Primula allionii ‘Wharfedale Bluebird’ 2” x 3” (P-N-T) A personal favorite for it’s unique color of muted, lavender-blue. I just love it!               $6.00

Primula auricula 6” x 8” (P-N-F-W) One of the easiest “fancy” primroses to grow in the rock garden, with pretty and sculptural pale green foliage rosettes and fragrant yellow flower cluster in spring. Europe.             ***$6.00

Primula auricula v. bachinii to 12” x 8” (P-N-F-W) A slightly taller form of the above. Very vigorous!   $6.00

Primula auricula ‘Emily P’ 4” x 3” (P-N-A) Lovely double flowers in pastel shades of cream, green, pink and yellow. A demure beauty.              $7.00

Primula elatior Oxslip to 8” x 6” (P-F) Another easy-care and long-lived primrose, this one is a bit larger and ideal for dry shade, with long-lasting, fragrant soft yellow flower clusters in spring. LSO          3 ”-$7.00

Primula x forseri ‘Bileckii’ (P. minima x P. hirsuta) 3” x 5” (S-P-T) A marvelous miniature hybrid with bright magenta flowers and distinctive saw toothed foliage.          $6.00

Primula hirsuta (viscosa) 3” x 5” (N-F-T-W-A) Luscious richly saturated deep violet flowers with a white eye are borne in spring above dark green sticky rosettes. A must have! Alps, Pyrenees, in gravely rock crevices.        $6.00

Primula marginata ‘Gwenie’ 3” x 3” (P-N-T) Lovely amethyst-blue flowers with small toothed leaves backed in golden farina. Divine!                         $6.00

Primula marginata ‘Herb Dickson’ 6” x 6” (P-N-T) A superb selection with gorgeous lilac-blue blooms produced in spring above neat rosettes of toothed, farina backed leaves. A personal favorite.       $6.00

Primula marginata ‘High Point’ 2” x 4” (P-N-T) Beautiful heavily toothed foliage dusted with golden farina and rich royal-purple flowers. A gem.            $6.00

Primula pedemontana European Alpine Primrose 5” x 4” (P) Pretty flowers vary from purplish-pink to white in early summer over handsome rosettes of glossy round leaves edged in russet hairs. Alps, Pyrenees.     $6.00

Primula x pubescens ‘Freedom’ (P. auricula x P. hirsuta) 2” x 3” (P-N-T) A lovely plant with velvety purple flowers over  compact rosettes of lightly toothed foliage. Hardy and vigorous.         $6.00

Primula rusbyi Rusby’s Primrose 6” x 6” (P-N) Pretty umbels of bright rose flowers in spring over rosettes of narrow leathery dark green leaves. Tolerates cool dry conditions. sw USA.                       $6.00

Pterocephalus perennis (Dipsacaceae) 3” x 12” (S-X) Large, lavender-pink, pincushion flowers are held above evergreen mats of gray-green foliage in summer. Likes it hot and dry. Greece.       $5.00

Pulsatilla aurea (Ranunculaceae) Yellow Pasqueflower 8” x 6” (S-P) Ferny leaves and nodding soft yellow bells make the little early spring bloomer and irresistible charmer, good bee plant. Caucasus, in alpine meadows. LSO           ***$5.00

Pulsatilla campanella to 8” x 6” (S-P) Lovely, nodding, fluted, blue bells from Asia are quite unique from the typical pulsatilla.                $6.00

Pulsatilla patens Prairie Crocus 8” x 6” (S-P-C-X) A pretty and demure native species with large ice-blue-lavender crocus-like flowers with a boss of yellow stamens that bloom in early spring over furry tufts of silky-haired leaves. Distinctive and truly lovely. w N. America.            $5.00

Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Elegans’ 8” x 10” (S-P) Satin goblets of burgundy-red emerge as nodding furry buds often seen peeking through drifts of snow in early spring above finely divided foliage. Europe.      $5.00

Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Rubra’ 8” x 8” (S-P) Red-purple bell-shaped blossoms over mounds of fine, ferny foliage in spring.  $5.00

Rhodanthemum sp. (Asteraceae) Moroccan Daisy 4” x 8” (S-P-X) Pretty white daisies slightly tinted with raspberry-pink towards their large yellow centers over finely cut blue-gray foliage. Morocco.      $5.00

Rhodohypoxis milloides (Hypoxidaceae) Pink Star Grass 3” x 3” (S-P-A) Basal tufts of narrow lance-shaped hairy leaves and bears a succession of magenta flowers in spring-early summer. Supposedly hardier than R. baurii, but still on trial for us.

S. Africa.             $5.00

Rudbeckia triloba ‘Prairie Glow’ (Asteraceae) to 3’ x 3’ (S) Rich garnet stems hold large, stunning gold and burgundy pinwheels in midsummer to fall. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. LSO     $5.00

Salvia cyanescens to 1’ x 8” (S-X) Felted silver leaves like lamb’s ears, and airy spikes of lavender blue flowers over a long period make the xeric sage a standout. Aromatic and deer proof. LSO      $5.00

Sanguisorba menziesii (Rosaceae) Burgundy Burnet 2’ x 1’ (S-P) An ensemble of fine blue-green scalloped foliage and rosy-red chenille, bottlebrush flowers in summer. The best of the burnets! Meadows in western Canada & Alaska. LSO

 3 1/2”-$7.00

  • Saxifraga anglica ‘Cranbourne’ (Saxifragaceae) 1” x 3” (S-P-T) Hard mounds of gray-green foliage flaunt a mass of rose-pink blooms on short little stems in spring. Too cute!          $6.00

Saxifraga apiculata ‘Alba’ 2” x 12” (P) Creamy white flowers bloom for several weeks in early spring over dense rosetted mounds of tiny linear leaves.            $6.00

Saxifraga cartilaginea 2” x 3” (P) Dense cushions of encrusted rosettes and panicles of pristine white flowers in early summer. Caucasus.             $5.00

Saxifraga ‘Esther’ (S. cochlearis x S. paniculata ‘Lutea’) 2” x 4”  (S-P-T) Silver encrusted rosettes with attractive sprays of soft yellow flowers on 10” stems.           $6.00

Saxifraga x kayei ‘Buttercup’ A cross between S. haagii x S. faldonside 2” x 4” (S-P-T) A jewel, with shiny butter-yellow flowers over hard mounds of gray-green rosettes.          $6.00

Saxifraga x macnabiana 1” x 5” (P-T) A hybrid between S. colyledon & S. callosa. Pyramids of white, red-spotted flowers are held over large rosettes of dark green, white-edged strap-shaped leaves.      $5.00

Saxifraga paniculata ssp. cartilaginea ‘Foster’s Red’ Red Silverleaf Saxifrage 2” x 8” (P-T) Dark green rosettes edged in white with 8” panicles of raspberry-red flowers in late spring. Formerly sold as S. paniculata ‘Millstream’   $5.00

Saxifraga paniculata ‘Lutea’ 7” x 4” (P-T) Lightly encrusted rosettes of narrow green foliage and sprays of soft yellow flowers.               $6.00

Saxifraga paniculata ‘Minutifolia’ Silver Saxifrage 1/2” x 6” (P-T) Mats of gray-green minute rosettes decorated with a blizzard of white flowers in spring. One of the tiniest saxifragas. Just adorable.      $5.00

Saxifraga paniculata ‘Minutifolia Red Backed Form’ 1/2” x 6” (P-T) Same as the above but leaves have a red-reverse.               $5.00

Saxifraga paniculata ‘Rosea’ 1” x 6” (P-T) A beautiful plant with lovely rose-pink flowers on 10” stems above rosettes of lime-encrusted, silver-edged green foliage.           $5.00

Saxifraga scleropoda 3” x 5” (P-T) Mat forming with compact evergreen leaves and masses of bright yellow flowers in spring. Caucasus, on alpine.            $6.00

Saxifraga ‘Southside Seedling’ 3” x 3” (S-P-T) Low rosettes of pale green leaves and 1’ panicles of beautiful little white flowers with pretty red markings.           $5.00

Saxifraga ‘Teckles’ 2” x 6” (P-T) One of the best silvers and in high demand with striking sprays of white flowers with bright red spots.             $6.00

Saxifraga ‘Whitehill’ 6” x 9” (P-T) This pretty hybrid exhibits pleasing silver-blue rosettes flushed with reddish-maroon at the base and creamy white flowers in early summer.         $5.00

Saxifraga ‘Winifred Bevington’ 5” x 5” (P-T) Rosettes of tiny green leaves and plenty of white flowers with crisp, bright pink spots. A recent favorite!            $6.00

Saxifraga x zimmeteri 3” x 8” (S-P) A natural hybrid between S. paniculata and S. cuneifolia, this cute little saxifrage from Austria has flattish glossy dark green rosettes that are margined in gray-silver and bear sprays of starry white flowers in spring.               $5.00

Scutellaria prostrata (Lamiaceae) 2” x 12”) (S-P) Mats of tiny serrated leaves and summer blooms of violet & white. Asia.                $5.00

Sedum pallidum v. bithynicum 1” x 12” (S) Light green succulent leaves and large clusters of numerous white flowers. Turkey.                                                          3 ”-$7.00

Sempervivum (mixed varieties) (Crassulaceae) (S-P-T) We have red ones, green ones, peachy ones, gray ones, hairy ones, bald ones, big ones, little ones....it’s a bit of a mixed bag so you’ll have to let me pick them for you. If you want them as your ‘bonus’ plants, I can surprise you with a mixture! (please specify on the order form)             ***$5.00

Silene acaulis (Caryophyllaceae) Moss Campion 1” x 8” (P-T-C) This exquisite gem should be in every rock garden. Mats of tiny deep green needle-like leaves are smothered beneath pretty pink flowers in spring. A choice circumpolar alpine, on dry tundra.                        ***$5.00

Silene acaulis ‘Heidi’ 1” x  8” (P-T) Our own selection, from seed collected from the Swiss Alps. Soft green cushions have very fine textured foliage that is sprinkled with rose-pink flowers in early summer.             ***$5.00

Silene atropurpurea 6” x 3” (S) Pretty pink flowers on tall erect panicles. Europe.      $5.00

Sisyrinchium arenarium (Iridaceae) 6” x 9” (S-X)  A lovely Chilean native with yellow star-shaped flowers in early summer.                $5.00

Sisyrinchium macrocarpum 8” x 4” (S) Deep yellow flowers with a brown line toward the base grace narrow sword-shaped blue-green leaves in summer. Argentina.           $5.00

Sporobolus heterolepis (Poaceae) Prairie Dropseed 2-3’ tall (S-X) Dense hummocks of sprawling leaves carry open and airy delicate pinkish flowers in late summer. USA. LSO           3 ”-$7.00

Stipa pennata European Feather Grass (Poaceae) 15” x 1’ (S-X) One of the most fine-textured grasses with graceful blooms of silvery flower spikes that sway gracefully in the slightest summer breeze on arching stems. Deer proof & long-lived. Europe, Siberia. LSO                                                                                                            3 ”-$7.00

Tanacetum densum v. amanum (Asteraceae) 8” x 18” (S-X) An engaging alpine tansy grown for its striking white evergreen feathery foliage clothed with silvery felt and its bright yellow daisies. Likes it hot and dry and resents overhead water. Turkey.               $5.00

Tanecetum cinerariifolium 1’ x 1’ (S-X) This year’s Plant Select, a pure white daisy for the xeric garden, with attractive gray-green fine-textured foliage, combines well with almost anything, deer proof. Plant Select. LSO   $5.00

Teucrium aroanium (Lamiaceae) Creeping Germander 3" x 8" (S-P-X-F) The real species, often confused in the trade, makes an attractive xeric evergreen mat of low silver foliage, with curious pale lavender flowers dotted on top over a long period, deer proof. A lovely little Mediterranean that isn't well known. Greece.              ***$6.00

Thalictrum ichangense (Ranunculaceae) Chinese Meadow Rue 1' x 1' (S-P-W) Soft pink pendent tassels over wiry stemmed tufts of delicate green foliage. Graceful & demure, nice with dwarf hostas. China.     $6.00

Thermopsis lupinoides (Papilionaceae) 2’ x 2’ (S) A sensational vertical accent of moonlight yellow, lupine-like pea flowers in spring. Great with daffodils. Russia, Alaska. LSO                                                                                           3 ”-$7.00

Thlaspi stylosum (Brassicaeae) 1” x 4” (S-P) Compact rosettes of dark green spathulate leaves form nice dwarf cushions with pale purple flowers from spring to summer. Apennines.          $5.00

Thymus `Elfin' (Lamiaceae)1/2" x 12" (S-P-T) This diminutive slowgrowing groundhugger adorns itself in summer with pretty pink-lavender flowers over tight tiny mats of glossy green foliage that changes to a striking deep purple in fall. A real cutie and great between paving stones.                    ***$5.00

Townsendia exima (Asteraceae) 4” x 6” (S-C) Rosettes of deep green slender leaves form small crowded cushions topped with large blue-purple daisies in springtime. May be short-lived but sets abundant seed for resowing. CO.    $5.00

Veronica bombycina v. froediniana (Scrophulariaceae) 2” x 8” (S-T) Slightly larger than V. bombycina v. bolkardagensis with mats of very attractive silver-gray foliage and bright blue flowers. This one preformed better for us in the open garden. Artos Dag.              $6.00

Veronica thymoides v. pseudocinerea Thymeleaf Veronica 2” x 12” (S-X) A low mound of softly hairy silver-green leaves covered with deep blue flowers in early summer. Turkey.          $5.00

Vitaliana primuliflora (Primulaceae) 1” x 8” (P-F-T) Tight cushions of deep green leaves and delightfully fragrant, bright yellow flowers in spring. Bees adore it! Foliage turns a lovely maroon in winter. Spain, c Europe.          ***$6.00


























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