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Laporte Avenue NurseryConifers

    •                                                        2015

Shipping can be arranged. These prices are FOB, if you already get plants shipped to you from Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery we can easily include any order of these conifers with your shipment.

Guarantee There is no long term guarantee on these plants. If plants arrive in poor condition, let me know and we will work out a replacement procedure. I take great care in pruning the root systems with each shift-up, I accomplish this by cutting, fingering or pulling the roots completely apart before replanting the plant into a larger container.

Planting Guidelines When planting conifers I recommend mixing 4-5 large handfuls of wet peat into the planting hole soil. Any circling roots should be torn apart, be ruthless.  Place them in a raised or elevated spots and water them every 5-7 days until established. Winter watering is needed the first year for sure, about once a month.

Liner Sales in 3-1/2” pots can be arranged if sufficient quantities are ordered.

These trees are xeric, mostly native and dwarf, but above all very ornamental . They are well adapted to the intermountain west that includes most of the western states. Most of them originated as witches’ brooms found in the wild and brought into cultivation by noted Denver plantsman Jerry Morris. Jerry has spent over 50 years collecting these brooms from all of Colorado’s native conifers. I have been propagating his collection since 2005, I’ve been seeding, grafting, and growing conifers since 1979.


Many of these conifers have limited quantities, so first come first served!


Abies concolor, Concolor Fir

‘Charming Chub’ Most popular dwarf Concolor Fir, rubbery soft blue foliage, cute.

1 gal.- 22.00 ea.  or [email protected] $20.00

‘King’s Gap’ Dwarf , 2-3” per year, with stiff growth, lots of buds, steel blue color.

1 gal.- 25.00 ea.

 Abies lasiocarpa, Subalpine Fir

‘Compacta’ Old time selection that grows slowly and maintains a conical shape, very cold hardy.

1 gal.- $25.00ea.

Picea pungens, Colorado Blue Spruce

‘Corbet’ Very tight pyramidal shape, stiff blue needles.

2 gal.- $25.00

‘Haley’s Blue’ An excellent tight bun with dark blue needles that are very sharp.

1 gal.- $20.00

Montgomery’ Old time cultivar has good blue color and a tight globose shape.

1gal.- $18.00 or [email protected]$17.00

‘St. Marys’ Very slow growing, also good blue color.

1gal.-$20.00 also 2gal.-$25.00



Pinus aristata,   Bristlecone Pine

Trees grown from seed collected in CO, these trees are 10-12 years old.

4-5’ tall plants in 7gal pots $65.00ea.    (Grown in 10” grow bags, transplanted into pots)



‘Blue Bear’ Grafted selection. Extremely thickly branched, with blueish green coloring

10” tall plants in 4” pots.  $15.00ea.

Pinus banksiana, Jack Pine

‘Angel’ A J.M. selection that has a upright contorted growth habit, with short light green needles, and elongated white colored buds. 1 gal. $22.00ea.

Pinus bungeana, Lacebark Pine

Trees grown from seed, they are 5years old and 12-18” tall.

1gal. $8.00 ea.            [email protected] $7.00    also     2gals.-$19.00ea.

Pinus cembra, Swiss Stone Pine

‘Chalet’ Narrow upright growth habit, dark green color, fairly fast growing.

1 gal. -$16.00ea. or [email protected] 14.00 ea.     2gal -$20.00 or [email protected]$18.00 also 5gals-$30.00ea.

‘Nana’  Slower growing, very similar to Chalet.

1 gal.- $16.00.     2gal. – $20.00

Pinus densiflora, Japanese Red Pine

‘Low Glow’ Flat, dense, dwf. globe. Has a bright light green color.

1 gal.- 18.00ea.  [email protected]$17.00

‘Weeper’ A fast growing weeping selection. 1gal.-$20.00

Pinus edulis, Dwarf Pinyon Pine Cultivars

‘Farmy’ A true dwarf 1-3” yr., xeric, compact rounded growth habit, 2014 Plant Select

1 gal.- $18.00ea.      [email protected] $16.00       [email protected] $15.00      2gal.-$25.00

‘Lil Jake’ True dwarf, similar to Farmy, needles a bit smaller, very xeric.

1 gal.- $18.00ea.      [email protected] $16.00

‘Penasco’ Dwarf selection collected from a broom east of the town of  Penasco, N.M. Short bright green needles, grows about 3-4” per yr. DBG has a 4’ plant which has an irregular shape (kind of crowded), very xeric.

1 gal.- $18.00ea.       [email protected] $16.00       [email protected] $15.00      2 gal.-$25.00

‘Plowmans Special’ Semi-dwarf, vigorous tight growth, great color, very xeric

1 gal.- $18.00ea.       [email protected] $16.00       [email protected] $15.00       2 gal.-$25.00

‘Tiny Pout’ True dwarf, forms a tight pyramidal shape, very xeric.

1 gal.- $18.00ea.       [email protected] $16.00       2 gal.- $25.00         
‘Tiny Rations’ True dwarf, found as a broom by Jerry Morris, near Buena Vista.

1 gal.- $18.00ea.        [email protected] $16.00      2 gal.-$25.00

‘Thompson Brother’s Broom’ Found by the Thompson brothers from Pueblo in the pinyon forests of southern Colorado, very dwarf with a low flat-topped growth habit.  1 gal-$20.00ea.

Trinidad’ Very similar to Farmy, needle color is more on the blueish green side.

1 gal.- $18.00ea.        [email protected] $16.00

Pinus flexilis, Limber Pine

Trees grown from seed collected in Colorado, they are 5 years old and 12-18”tall.

1gal. $7.00 ea.            [email protected] $6.00

‘Blackfoot’ Dwarf broom selection, dark needles, with a slight twist, low spreading shape.

1gal.- $18.00 


‘Cherokee’ Dwarf broom from Cherokee Park, northwest of Ft. Collins, the bluest needle color of the dwarfs.

1gal.- $20.00

‘Damfino’ A true miniature bun, first collected by Jerry Morris in 1960’s.

1gal.- $18.00

Laporte Ave. Select Fast growing standard grower with a well-balanced branching habit and good blue-green needle color. 1 gal. $16.00ea.

‘NiceIam’ Dwf, bluish color, strong grower, bears lots of miniature cones as a 1 gal.  1gal.- $20.00


Pinus jefferyi, Jeffery Pine

‘Blue Jeff’ A selection from a tree growing on the campus of CSU. Tree has a vigorous growth habit and good blue-gray needle color, think a blue Ponderosa pine. 1gal.-$20.00

                                                          Pinus leucodermis, Bosnian Pine

‘Irish Bell’ Dwarf with squat growth, deep green color.

Not available till 2016

‘Slim Whitey’  A Laporte Ave. selection from a 30 yr. old tree growing at Ft. Collins Nursery, tree has a strong narrow upright growth habit and dark green needles plus a white waxy blush on its new stem growth. Grows 6-8” per year.  1 gal. -$18.00       

Pinus monophylla, Single Needle Pinyon

‘Blue Jazz’ Dwarf with intense blue color, forms a fantastic small blue ball. Xeric.

1gal.- $22.50 ea.             [email protected] $20.00ea.

‘City Park’ Standard grower, Great blue color. Strong upright growth.

1gal.- $22.50 ea.             [email protected] $20.00ea.     2 gal.-$27.50ea.

‘Eureka’ Dwarf broom selection with grey green needles, very tight growth

1gal.- $22.50 ea.             [email protected] $20.00ea.

‘Nevada Curley’ Standard grower from DBG, very full and tight, needles have a inward spiraling pattern.

1gal.- $22.50 ea.             [email protected] $20.00ea.     2 gal.-$27.50ea.

‘Southmost Fatty’ Standard grower develops into a full rounded shape with a blue-grey needle coloring. From DBG.    1 gal. $22.50 ea.

‘Tiny Taylor’ Dwarf with vigorous growth, tons of buds, fills out fast, blue-green color.

1gal.- $22.50 ea.             [email protected] $20.00ea.

Whoopy’ Low growing dwarf broom selection, blue coloring.

1gal.- $22.50 ea.            [email protected] $20.00ea.

‘Xeric Blue’ Standard grower from DBG, excellent upright form, tremendous blue color.

1gal.- $22.50 ea.

Pinus mugo, Mugo Pine

‘Sherwood Compact’ Sow growing selection, nice short needles, excellent bright green needle color, one of the best if not the best mugo selection for the small garden.

1 gal.-$16.00   [email protected] $15.00

Pinus nigra, Austrian Pine

‘Arnold Sentinel’ Fast growing with extremely upright habits, perfect for tall hedge in tight areas, plant on 7 to 10’ centers.

Not available this year

‘Helga’ Slow growing dwarf from Germany, forms a small bush, good green color.

1 gal - $20.00 ea.   2 gal.-$30.00

‘Pinehurst’ A J.M. broom selection from a tree growing on the Denver area Pinehurst golf course, first collected in 1986. Very tight growth similar to Helga.


‘Professor Provo’ A J.M.selection from a tree on the BYU campus in Provo UT, tree has excellent form and color, grows at half the speed of a regular Austrian pine.

2 gal.- $25.00ea.

‘Windswept’ Short needled dwarf, irregular growth habit, perfect to put into a bonsai training program. A David Salman selection from a tree growing in Santa Fe, N.M.

2 gal.- $25.00ea.

Pinus ponderosa, Ponderosa Pine

Trees grown from seed collected in Black Hills of S.D., they are 5 years old and 12-18” tall.

1gal. $8.00 ea.            [email protected] $7.00

‘Gum Drop’ Dwf. round shape like a gum drop, bright green color.

Available in 2016

‘Hiwan’ A J.M. selection from a tree growing on the Hiwan golf course, grows about half the speed of a regular ponderosa, growth is very thick and green. Stems are also very stout.

2 gal - $25.00 ea.

‘Mary Ann Heacock’ A true genetic dwarf, needles are half the regular size with a slight curve, growth is very congested, original tree is over 200 years old, one of the best.

1gal.- 22.00ea.

‘Marguerite’ A J.M. selection from a dwf. tree growing in the Vedauwoo WY area, very tight, very special. Also spelled ‘Margarette’. DBG has a nice specimen.

1gal.- 22.00ea.

Pinus strobiformis, Southwestern White Pine

Trees grown from seed collected in New Mexico, they are 5 years old and 12-18” tall.

1gal. $8.00 ea.            [email protected] $7.00

‘Apache Princess’ A David Salman selection, with smoky blue colored fine foliage. Tight pyramidal growth habit, grows fast, 12-18” per year. 3-4’ tall grown in 10” root control bags - 50.00ea, Sept 2015 only.

‘Coronado’ Has a weeping irregular growth habit, Jerry Morris calls it a leaner.

2 gal - $26.00 ea.

‘Loma Linda’    Dwf. very short needles, lots of buds, tight contorted growth. A real bun.

1gal.- 20.00ea.

Pinus strobus, Eastern White Pine

‘Blue Shag’ Slow growing bush type white pine with good blue green color and a clumpy irregular mounding shape. 1 gal.-$18.00

‘Little Twister’ Selection made by Rod Ackerman who is a propagator for Bluebird Nur. in Neb.. Twisting foliage and a shrub like growth habit characterize this plant. 1 gal.- $18.00

‘Weeper’ Old time weeping selection. I collected the original scionwood from a tree at the Des Moines Botanic Gardens in the early 80’s. 1gal.-$18.00

Pinus sylvestris, Scotch Pine

‘Albyns’ Prostrate dwarf selection that has bluish needles, will crawl over the largest rock or retaining wall, easy to grow, vigorous.

2 gal.- $22.00      [email protected] $20.00

Pinus wallichiana, Himalayan White Pine

Trees grown from seed, they are 5 years old and 12-18” tall.

2 gal. $25.00 ea.           

‘DBG Select’ Scion-wood comes from a large tree located in the entrance to Denver Botanic Gardens rock garden. 1 gal.- $25.00ea.

Pseudotsuga menziesii, Douglas Fir

‘Jim Kluck’s Selection’ Fast growing tree found growing in a school yard in Neb.

5 gal.-$30.00ea.

These are all Jerry Morris Selections

‘Chubby Hubby’ Forms a dwarf tree, very tight pyramidal growth habit. Bluish color.

Available 2017

‘Eagle River’ From a broom, dark green needles, irregular growth habit. Dense budding.

Available 2017

‘Vail’ From a broom west of Vail, upright growth habit, blue-green foliage. Available 2017

‘Weeping Willy’ Develops into a weeping tree, strong downward growth, blue-green foliage.

2 gal.- $30.00ea.





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